recommendation for help in LA. or san dieago area

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recommendation for help in LA. or san dieago area

Postby jethro » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:45 pm

I have a friend who is driving his mechanicaly injected 8.3 pusher motorhome from florida to LA/ san diego area.
He is now in arizona heading west ( I hope...)

He had a water temp alarm pulling a big grade yesterday (going across the texas -NM border area)
It seemed to go away on level ground. Checked water in rad-- looked full. He may have been trying to pull the grade in "D" instead of downshifting to keep RPMs up.......
We put in new rad last year-- so thatr is good. It has a side mounted rad--- so I think an electric fan-- which I advised him to check when he got somewhere to do that. (he was going to stop for a fuel filter change somewhere anyway)

I just sent him some tech articles on water injection units-
(it is a 1995 8.3 mechanical engine--- I believe no EGT installed)
It is a 40 foot motorhome and he is pulling a lightly loaded triple axle 40 foot car hauler type trailer.

Can some one recommend a reputable place in LA. or San Diego that he can go for something like that if he decides
he likes the idea ? (he will be returning via colorado--- so big grades to be pulled there.)

Dont want to send him to a fly-by-night jack-leg type place. Want someone who knows what they are dong and will
take care of him in a professional way...... he is far from home and I dont want anything to get screwed up for him
so far away . Im sure yo understand....... Can yall recommend a place you have personally used and been impressed with their quality ??????

Thank you ahead of time !
Tim in Orlando
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Re: recommendation for help in LA. or san dieago area

Postby Remps » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:06 am

I think sidemount/electric fan is a bad combo for heavy duty cooling, imo all he can do is thoroughly wash the rad, add some oolant additive, and try to find a lower temp t-stat. And like you said, drop a gear or 2 for good sized hills. Never had water injection so cant say how it would affect coolant temps.
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