Overheating problem? Piston Cooling Nozzle?

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Overheating problem? Piston Cooling Nozzle?

Postby wilkyflex » Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:25 pm

I rebuilt my 12v cummins 2 years ago. I had a overheating problem. I could drive up a grade with no load and it would get too hot. I don't know why. Was it the veggie oil heating system I put in? More capacity coolant? Was it because of bad injectors? Was it bad timing? Was it because I had a non stock aluminum radiator in it?

Anyway, I pulled the engine, flipped it over and saw in the #1 cylinder that the cooling nozzle appears to be broken off flush with the metal hole it is inserted into. I'm thinking it broke off someone, but I never saw anything in the oil pan. It could have drained out without me seeing it. Anyway, I'm so disappointed how much effort it is to take the crank out and put in new nozzles. I figure about 8 hours work.

Do you agree that I should fix this?

The other 5 nozzles are sticking out of the hole about an inch.

One guy said in the cummins forum that the piston cooling nozzle in piston 1 or 2 looks different than the others. that is may look broken off flush with the end of the hole.

Can anyone confirm this?

meanwhile I and putting in new valve stem seals, etc to fix the oil smoking problem, and now this PCN issue.
Should I try to stick a little brush in the cooling nozzles and clean them out?
should I go ahead and pull the crank and replace them.

What say ye?

Your help is much appreciated!
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Re: Overheating problem? Piston Cooling Nozzle?

Postby Remps » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:18 pm

I've heard of this quite a few times now, seems to be a fairly common issue. I have no idea how busted nozzles affects piston cooling performance/longevity though, so not sure what to to tell you about replacing them. Seems like an upgraded part would be nice, seeing as it's fairly common.
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Re: Overheating problem? Piston Cooling Nozzle?

Postby 12valve95 » Tue May 21, 2019 7:44 am

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Attitude-Perfo ... MiYJx_BEYw

There is an upgraded part. Same squirters made from aluminum....been around for awhile now....not sure if any big power guys use them but I have never heard a down side to these.
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