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Re: 2020 BS and Chat Thread

Postby dazedandconfused » Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:09 pm

1STGENFARMBOY wrote:Hey guys,

I'm still alive and still have the 93, just turned over 170k, needs a set of tires, and need to reseal the front of the engine, other than that it's as solid as a rock and rides like that as well.

it's really hard to drive without crawling all over it, my wife has a 2014 Ram 5.7 hemi, we got side by side at a light out in the middle of nowhere the other day, I got a smoky laggy start as I hadn't got the boost up yet when the light turned but still pulled the big hemi till 80mph then she drove around me.

I felt good about having a 3 truck lead until then, those darn new trucks are pretty quick.

Good to see you still around Darwin. I still have my brown truck even though it's going to give up it's drivetrain for a ext. Can short bed second gen. I've been daily driving the Excursion for months now. It needs the front suspension rebuilt and the AC hooked up but it's a nice truck. With the Covid crap, all the kids and the race cars I stay pretty busy anymore.
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