2015 BS and Chat Thread!

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Re: 2015 BS and Chat Thread!

Postby PToombs » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:26 pm

I know I won't be awake at midnite, so Happy New year to everybody also! ;)

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Re: 2015 BS and Chat Thread!

Postby AHineman » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:50 pm

Pete, wake up early to start the 2016 BS thread.

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Re: 2015 BS and Chat Thread!

Postby spencerdiesel » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:13 pm

Getting up @ 5 to put the 046 to work 8)
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Re: 2015 BS and Chat Thread!

Postby DMan1198 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:48 pm

Standing around a fire with a bunch of coworkers, and the bed of my truck is full of firewood. Looks like despite being on shift New Years won't be too bad. Only have to be up for 8am.

Also this 76 is quite a bit of fun in the snow. Lights fast enough I'm hardly ever under it
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Re: 2015 BS and Chat Thread!

Postby BC847 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:53 pm

Welp, this has been a good one, . . . . . . all because of you good folks. ;)

Here's to a better 2016! :cool:

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