'92 W250 Gasser, Odds and Ends Question

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'92 W250 Gasser, Odds and Ends Question

Postby matthewh » Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:57 am

Just squires another 1st Gen, this time a gasser. Plan is to fix the little things, hang a plow and drive as a winter beater.
Thanks to Pete, I've figures out the steering column, and I'm in search of a new one to swap in.
I misplaces my FSM during my move into my new house, so bear with me as I'm sure these are easy to fix once I can locate that manual.

1st issue. The OD light is constantly lit, and no matter how much you push it, wont go out. I've searched online and found it could be anything including abs issues, wiring issue, gov pressure solenoid issue, trans temp issue, relay on the drivers fender, etc. Best place to start to diagnose this? Haven't driven it to see if it actually engages of yet, as the brakes are a bit to be desired.

2nd issue. Brake and the ABS light on the message center is lit, stay on. Granted, the brakes suck and I plan to bypass the RWAL and bleed the system. But, I read somewhere that the OD is somehow attached to the rear ABS, and if the dash light is on, it wont engage OD. Thoughts in this.

3rd issue. It threw codes 32, 37, and 54. So an egr issue, no biggie, easy enough to check rubber hoses, vacuum fitting, etc. 37 is the odd one, cause its a trans solenoid issue, but again, read where that these dont have a lock up converter, so we can ignore it, but may also point to an OD issue, etc. Again, thoughts?.
54 is a cam sensor issue, and since the truck runs like crap at high rpms, misses, etc, I bought a new one to swap over, and see what happens, since it acts like a timing issue, not fuel.

I'm not against wiring the OD to a switch like we do in the diesel versions, but id be nice if it worked as it should, as other people will use the truck, who are less aware of operating "custom" vehicles
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