Something I have learned, about DANA rear ends.

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Something I have learned, about DANA rear ends.

Postby dodgetkboy78 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:38 pm

If you tow, haul, and work your trucks like I do, then breaking down, costs you money not only in parts, but down time. (and annoys the hell out of you!)

So, after the FIFTH time in my life, I have had the roll pin break, and the spider pin come out, whack my pinion gear to putty, and ruin everything in the 90W's path, I have decided that.......

It's a good idea, to change the pin and spiders, every 125,000 miles or so, and, put a small tackweld on each side of the spider pin, just in case the roll pin breaks.

All five of mine, and a dozen others, I have fixed this way, and they still work. The latest rear end explosion, was in my newest addition, the 92 club cab, it imploded before I got the new pin and gears in it. :oops:
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