Better late than never

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Better late than never

Postby laneends » Fri May 26, 2017 1:30 am

After reading what feels like the entire forum, I finally read the rules... and I guess I was supposed to introduce myself.

Hi. My name is Eric, and I have a problem. I'm addicted to cummins. My truck is a 1990 D-250 standard cab with the getrag 360. Modifications so far are gauges, fuel pin, fuel screw turned up some, 4" diamond eye turbo back exhaust, low pressure high volume lift pump, crazy Carl's throttle linkage, and I'm probably forgetting something.

Waiting to be installed is a 366 governor spring, hot screw, more gauges, big honking air filter, a water to air intercooler, and a south bend clutch.

Future plans include an s362sx-e turbo, head studs, and valve springs.

I'm hoping to get good reliable power, while maintaining a usable, well rounded truck. This forum has been a huge help so far. In an effort not to crowd the forum I will be asking all my questions and relaying my progress in my post titled "another new guy with questions"
1990 D-250 with getrag 360: pyro, boost, volt, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and water temp gauges, hot screw, 366 gov spring, THD pin, M&H dynamic timing spacer, throttle linkage adjusted for full travel, 4" turbo back exhaust, THD's LPPLP, BHAF, south bend clutch. THD 5x13 comps, 362sxe, 3" crossover, pump to the head
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fuel screw!!!!
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Re: Better late than never

Postby dazedandconfused » Mon May 29, 2017 6:06 pm

Welcome to the group.
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