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Postby BobS » Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:17 am

BC847 wrote:OK so NON-registered viewers can no longer see the Classifieds. Gonna implement the feature of Newly-Registered members can only see the Classifieds after five or ten posts come the 1st of the month.

We have this set at 10 where I'm an administrator. The result has been what I call forum abuse. A new guy who has enough time but not enough posts elects to post into an active thread with posts consisting of: "post7" then next post consists of "post8" and so on until he reached "post 10" The I have to scream at him and reset his count back to where he started and go in and delete all of the worthless posts. We have the same rule of 10 posts + 20 days before you can add an external link to a site. Then we end up with the same worthless posts in a thread & I end up having to do the same thing. In this case of adding links [usually to a picture site] I encourage them to use "reserved for pictures" as the posts used instead of "post 8" etc which they can edit to add the picture links. The end result is usually a failure.

BC847 wrote:The deal with the Manuals and Literature thing. At the end of the day, we can't mess with anything that isn't already free to the public. If one is suppose to pay for it, we can't provide it for free. Swank's the legal owner of this fine site and ultimately bears the heat for what happens here. He and I are talking about it, and what we might be able to do. 8)

Currently you can provide a link to another data storage site that has nothing to do with your site. The US gooberment has been trying to pass legislation to prevent linking to any site that you do not own that may have copyrighted material available. As I understand this it would prevent you linking to manuals provided by any company that you do not own. As an example if this law was enacted; if Eaton Corporation provided online copyrighted manuals free to the public you would be prohibited from providing a link to them on your site without having an agreement between your site and Eaton. This law is to provide protection to the poorly under paid movie industry from third party providers in foreign countries from hosting their movies. The past favorite manual storage site was where previously all of the Bosch manuals were stored in .pdf format. They were recently removed by 4shared. The last time I looked there were Spanish manuals for the common rail trucks still over there. If you use the manufacturer as part of the title or in the description the manufacturer will eventually find and notify 4shared to remove them. If you upload a truck manual titled as "D&W-150-350" and list it specifically as a "truck manual" omitting the manufacturer name it probably set there forever. I believe 4shared is located in Russia. I neither encourage or discourage this process.

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