this was a new one

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this was a new one

Postby nooblet » Wed Aug 27, 2008 4:22 am

I posted and got a weird error message I've never gotten before.

Could not obtain common word list


SQL Error : 1053 Server shutdown in progress

SELECT m.word_id FROM phpbb_search_wordmatch m, phpbb_search_wordlist w WHERE w.word_text IN ('asked', 'bolt', 'bolts', 'both', 'chris', 'clutch', 'clutches', 'drilled', 'engine', 'eventually', 'experience', 'flywheel', 'flywheels', 'guys', 'holes', 'i', 'ive', 'let', 'limited', 'line', 'nv4500', 'nv4500s', 'ordered', 'plan', 'plate', 'point', 'pressure', 'pretty', 'problems', 'running', 'same', 'sent', 'sets', 'setup', 'shouldnt', 'size', 'stuff', 'swap', 'told', 'transmission', 'turns', 'two', 'venture') AND m.word_id = w.word_id GROUP BY m.word_id HAVING COUNT(m.word_id) > 9229

Line : 309
File : functions_search.php

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Postby PToombs » Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:12 pm

I've seen it a few times. Not lately though.

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