Tires for a 1993 D250

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Tires for a 1993 D250

Postby frodo2222 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:24 am

I tow heavy and looking for recommendations on long lasting 265/75/16 E tires with a load of at least 3300 pounds per tire, I weighed the truck with the load and I've got 6000 pounds on the rear axle alone..What you all run tire wise that lasts and can handle higher pounds...ALSO do the 265/75/16 fit the stock suspension. It's a flatbed so have plenty of room in back currently running 285/7516 in back and 245/75/16 in front..hoping to go to all one size if they fit

Just had the whole front end redone with spacers all new ball joints etc so it sits at 33.5 inches off the ground the to the fender.

Thanks for the help
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