Went to the drag strip...

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Went to the drag strip...

Postby oldestof11 » Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:14 pm

Boy am I lucky to have a drag strip 10 miles from me. Any ways.

Sportsman tree if that matters

1993 Dodge D250 Ext Cab~

FP screw all the way in
Custom ground fuel pin~ Conservative grind albeit
3.54 LSD
About a extra 400lbs in the bed and cab
Stupid #$&%(%&# Automatic
Best pass had the air filter removed

My best was a:

R/t~ .274
60ft~ 2.464
330~ 7.257
1/8~ 11.374
MPH~ 59.00
1000ft~ 14.994
1/4~ 18.094
MPH~ 72.33

The slush box was HIDEOUS!!!! When it took off, it HOOKED HARD! The kinda slid into 2nd gear, then slid into 3rd at about 35-40 just when the slush box was finally getting somewhere. OD was about 55mph. Once in OD, it took off but that was about 100-200ft before the finish line. In fact, by the time it went into OD, boost was down to 12psi from 25psi before shifting. I think I have a converter issue. Now if I shifted manually, starting in 2 since the shift for 1st to 2nd was too soon for me and happened just right. But when I would shift into D, the OD would kick in till the finish line. I have a ticket for a 19.7 1/4 mile since it just wouldn't hit OD!!!

Now for the happy news.

My brother was there with his 01 F250 4x4 ext cab 7.3L with 285's/R17's from the dealer, no tuner on it. Bought the truck for 10k and some change. It had a SCT emblem on it. So he bought the SCT with a 100 horse tune. When he put on the 100hp tune, it slowed the truck down! So we think some injectors were put in and a custom tune of some sort. There it a road near us where we test the trucks, about .35 miles. Anyways, on that road, in the trim the dealer had, it would do about 90. Put the 100hp tune on, only hit blasted 75-80 on the exact same stretch. That is why we think custom tune and injectors. BTW, stock turbo and it would be around 1400* on the tune that was on it originally. Any ways, he ran:

R/t~ .402
60ft~ 2.017
330~ 6.033
1/8~ 9.495
MPH~ 70.68
1000ft~ 12.508
1/4~ 15.084
MPH~ 87.10


That was launching in 4wd and about 10psi of boost.


93 D250~ Mismatch of cheap parts, trying to look fast going slow
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Re: Went to the drag strip...

Postby delinquent » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:11 am

thats about what the superdoody should run. Sounds to me your whole slipamatic needs help.
fuel screw!!!!
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