Contemplating building a puller/racer.

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Contemplating building a puller/racer.

Postby Mark Nixon » Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:36 pm

Just wanting to bounce this off you guys.
I'll be the first to admit I have not a clue about sled pulling, or mud/drag racing, much less any viable information about 4X4s in general.
That said, I am not plain stupid to it, either.

What are the classes and what is a good entry level for a truck with our "typical" mods?
You know, mods like 3200 spring, bump in fuel pressure, timing bump, mild injectors, tighter exhaust housing, etc.
What about gearing? Tires? Suspension?
What all is "allowable" in a "stock" class?

I realize, as with everything in competition, there is always a learning curve to a new experience, but mainly I'm just wanting to have fun, and it'd be nice to know a bit about the "serious" side of it, too.

Mark Nixon

Re: Contemplating building a puller/racer.

Postby diesel freak01 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:23 am

in all honesty mark the allowances into a stock class vary A LOT depending on where you are. like here they check turbo housing size, make sure its a stock motor, check suspension travel, hitch height, no NOS or propane, some allow a W/M setup some dont. also no custom made hitches, has to be a reese or similar (nothing that attaches to the frame up under the cab kinda thing) and thats just here. in another thread here the guy said EVERYTHING had to be stock. so the best info i can give is check with local clubs or local fair rules and see what you can learn there. they may go as far as limiting the tires you can use. hope that helps.
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Re: Contemplating building a puller/racer.

Postby pulltilbroke » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:41 am

Mark around here you will be able to get away with the "ussual" mods in a stock class.

As far as gears. Are you planning on street driving? I would assume so.
I would go with a 3.55 set so you can have a little better crawl ratio and keep the transfer case in the lo side. Pull 2nd low. If you still got that SRW D80 toss that in too, the 70 will bust the pinion.

As far as tires go I would run a 285 up to a 33/12.5

I would also find a way to dump the blocks in the rear suspension as you won't be running bars in a stock class. I would also clamp the rear springs to eliminate as much axle wrap as possible.

The key is to keep it as stock appearing as possible

This is a "Stock" class truck around here. but it is on the very edge of stock

He runs 4.10s and runs in 1st hi side ... re=related
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