which gauge pod location ?

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which gauge pod location ?

Postby jethro » Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:05 pm

I have a 2004 ford F-350 with a 12 valve , 6 speed manual and gear vendor OD.
Next may be upgrading the doggy H1c. Thinking i will want to add a pyro . Might as well
do a 3 gauge pod I think. I see there are ones that attach to the drivers side pillar -- or you can get ones which mount between the rear view mirror and the headliner.

I expect the pillar would be easier to wire as that area is all ready all most open to engine
compartment. Roof one looks like it could be harder to hook up since there is no "great" place for the wire bundle to lay.

Any feedback / been there -done that recommendations on the 2 choices ?

Thanks for any opinions ahead of time.
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Re: which gauge pod location ?

Postby Begle1 » Mon Aug 17, 2020 7:38 pm

I don't really like either of those locations. I have an A-pillar 2-gauge pod that points too far at the ceiling.

If I was doing it all over, I'd put gauges in the center console, or make my own dash cluster. I'd get incredibly ambitious and end up half-baking it and it'd look like crap.

Doesn't somebody make little lights that project readings up onto the windshield, to make a HUD? That'd be cool.

Nothing beats mechanical though.
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