Short in the dark

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Short in the dark

Postby andoverdodge » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:52 pm

When I bought my 1996 2500 it had once had some kind of "radio" or Base Station in it, they left a multi pin plug in and the holder for the mic and mounting bracket for the base under the dash. I removed the bracket and cut the wire where it went above the lower part of the dash. Even before trimming back the FM part of the radio did not work and the am was horrible, I found they had unplugged the antenna, as well as broke off the mount on the outside. After replacing the antenna I had good am, but still no fm. Not long afterward the oil sensor gauge, which sit right next to the radio, or very near it would start falling to 0 when I stopped and the red light would come on, but at speed it was always up in the top 3/4 area. now it is beginning to drop to 0 oil pressure while driving intermittently, I am sure it is the gauge, or rather lack of good power to it, I was just wondering if this might have something to do with the radio. Thanks for any insight, but it is far from top of the list, the wife has a recept in the kitchen that is causing problems and I am a dead man if she doesn't get power to the Kuerig machine soon.
smoke screw?
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