Looking for ECM / PCM repair or replacement

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Looking for ECM / PCM repair or replacement

Postby rzbill » Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:38 pm

Hello Gents,
1stGen.org noob here. Own a '93 std 2 door diesel 2wd with auto trans. Best part is it is very low miles (160K)
I've done some reading and signed up to do some searching but have not found what I was looking for yet.

My charging system, speedo and multiple message lights failed last Monday AM. Plus the overdrive would not shift. Did not test the cruise.

I spent the day today focusing on charging system.
I fed 12v to the field and added a separate field ground to prove the alternator is OK.
The PCM is not controlling the ground side of the field like it should.
The auto shutoff relay (sends +12v to the alternator for field) is not being activated by the PCM.
I pulled the plug off the PCM to confirm Pin 3 has constant 12V and pin 57 has switched 12V from the ignition switch.
I decided to replace the Crank Sensor just in case that would have an effect on the PCM operation. No change.
I have confirmed all the fusible links that matter, via voltage readings at the link outputs.

SO.....I'm thinking I need an ECM/PCM.
Tried one aftermarket shop but no go.
I found SIA Electronics siaelec.com
They advertise repair. Maybe some of you have experience with them already?
Have not tried any other places yet since it is after hrs on Saturday.

Any other suggestions for obtaining a PCM?

I saw the PCM delete threads. I'll look at them later. Not is the mood for another project at the moment.

Just FYI introductionwise. I'm a VW diesel driver too. Unfortunately part of the dieselgate mess. Great car but VW is throwing so much money at the owners I cant refuse to sell. It would be stupid.

Bill Pendergrass (I'll fix up my sig file later)
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Re: Looking for ECM / PCM repair or replacement

Postby justin.loehlein » Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:50 pm

I replaced my PCM in my 93 after the charging system and a few other things failed. I got a replacement from RockAuto a couple years ago. It looks like they may not have any right now, but I found them on eBay and Amazon as well.
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