Wiper fuse blowing

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Wiper fuse blowing

Postby Montanashawn » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:05 am

I'm putting this here to maybe help others, I recently turned on my wipers in my 1990 Ram Cummins w-350 with manual transmission with Air conditioning. All I got was the snap of a popping fuse. I pulled the wires off the wiper motor, and inserted another fuse. Same result. Before tearing into the steering column and the mess of wires under the dash, a buddy and I looked over the wiring schematic.

Off of the wiper fuse is a branch line that runs to the air conditioning circuit. The manual does not have you check this branch. We looked it over before really tearing into the truck. Sure enough, there is a connector with a zenner diode down around the area of the frame, by the oil filter. This diode has a taped on rubber hood. The hood was pulled back, exposing the diode. The diode was shorting out there. I had changed the oil filter a week or two prior and must have knocked the wire covering off at that time. A little electrical tape and a couple zip-ties later, I was back in business with functioning wipers and no more popping fuses.

Anyhow, if you start popping the wiper fuse, don't overlook the power to the AC system when looking for shorts. Even the service manual pretty much ignores this portion of the circuit.
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