Newer dodge overall quality and suspension fix ?

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Newer dodge overall quality and suspension fix ?

Postby jethro » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:18 pm

If I should ever get enough money to consider a newer dodge -cummins truck-----
First off-- did dodge succeed in moding the front end weakness they had for years ? I think they were supposed to have redesigned it
in 2014 I think.... did that work---

Also --- in the newer trucks --- how is overall reliability - in light of the fact that they have so much more electronics needed to make
the engine run----- and how about transmissions------ I think I remember they only make 1 manual tranny now. Is it OK ?
Are any of the automatics working well enough to survive normal use ?????

Just wondering ? --- don't know much about the new ones---- (I know I like the 1-st get :-) )

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Re: Newer dodge overall quality and suspension fix ?

Postby PToombs » Tue Feb 04, 2020 4:07 pm

I bought a '17 last fall. The front end is better, allegedly. ;)
There are some problems with the emissions, some guys delete as soon as they get a new truck home, some wait until they have a problem, some never do.
The 68RFE is problematic, some people have good luck, some don't. From what I have read the plate in the valve body can warp and leak fluid so you lose clutch pressure. The Aisen is a great transmission, but you can't bump HP much over 80-100, it won't take it and there are no updates for it.
The last model year for a standard trans is '19, only autos from now on. :cry:

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