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Project Puller

Postby SOOTBANDIT » Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:28 pm

Alright guys need all the help i can possible get from you all. I'm seperating from the USAF and starting another branch of my life and i really want to build a puller wit a 1st gen wit the ve i dont care how much money i spend i just wanna have fun and get into the sport. Now i just watched a video of a guy thats on here i think his name is Jeff wit like a GT4202 turbo and a 12mm ve pump if i remember correctly and holy cow i want that he was launching up down the street by his house i take it. Pullittillbroke??? I was told to talk to you from a guy on CompD so im calling you out if you wanna give me some advice on first things first lets just say i have a budget of 6-7grand after buying to dump into the truck for performance and seting it up prob wont get me far but its a start. :D
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Re: Project Puller

Postby pulltilbroke » Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:17 am

I just posted in your thread on Comp But here is my post if you missed it.

With 6 grand you can make a darn good running VE

I would build a set of bars front and rear, hitch, rack

I would dump the D70 and use a D80,14b or HO72 and I would swap to 4.56s so you can run 3rd lo with a 15 to 1 crawl ratio. I'd also lock it up all around

With fueling mods I would get

6x16s or 18s
4200 spring
Jump the timing 2 teeth
build a good supply sysetm and do away with the restrictive stock filter setup.
DennyT or M5 if you keep the AFC functional

As far as the motor goes the more air you can stuff into it the better.

I would
Get a good head put together with O rings studs and good springs and do a port job.
Get a ATS or other 3 piece manifold
Build or buy a good water setup
Put a 2nd gen or PS I/C in it
I would stick with a 2.6 turbo as a 2.8 will be hard to keep it lit while pulling.

captainchrysler and stillsmokin are other 1stgen pullers as well

As far as my truck goes its nothing special at all and only makes a bit over 300hp but pull suprisingly well

90 Dodge with a D80,NV4500, Decent single disk (recycled from captainchrysler).
Engine and fueling mods consist of 370,000 mile leaky VE, DennyT,4200(354) spring, pump on the head, Holley Black,Stock N/IC sticks, 2nd gen cooler and tubes, 24v air horn, H1c with a HTT STG IV compressor and a 16 cm housing, I'm sure theres more that I'm forgeting

Heres some pics and video of my junk and others to give you some Ideas


Stillsmokins truck

Heres a couple of my hooks from last year. ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

Couple of stillsmokin ... re=related

And a vid of captainchryslers truck when it was still a VE ... re=related
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Re: Project Puller

Postby oldestof11 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:50 am

See soot, I told ya!
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