recommendation for help in LA. or san dieago area

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recommendation for help in LA. or san dieago area

Postby jethro » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:45 pm

I have a friend who is driving his mechanicaly injected 8.3 pusher motorhome from florida to LA/ san diego area.
He is now in arizona heading west ( I hope...)

He had a water temp alarm pulling a big grade yesterday (going across the texas -NM border area)
It seemed to go away on level ground. Checked water in rad-- looked full. He may have been trying to pull the grade in "D" instead of downshifting to keep RPMs up.......
We put in new rad last year-- so thatr is good. It has a side mounted rad--- so I think an electric fan-- which I advised him to check when he got somewhere to do that. (he was going to stop for a fuel filter change somewhere anyway)

I just sent him some tech articles on water injection units-
(it is a 1995 8.3 mechanical engine--- I believe no EGT installed)
It is a 40 foot motorhome and he is pulling a lightly loaded triple axle 40 foot car hauler type trailer.

Can some one recommend a reputable place in LA. or San Diego that he can go for something like that if he decides
he likes the idea ? (he will be returning via colorado--- so big grades to be pulled there.)

Dont want to send him to a fly-by-night jack-leg type place. Want someone who knows what they are dong and will
take care of him in a professional way...... he is far from home and I dont want anything to get screwed up for him
so far away . Im sure yo understand....... Can yall recommend a place you have personally used and been impressed with their quality ??????

Thank you ahead of time !
Tim in Orlando
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Re: recommendation for help in LA. or san dieago area

Postby Remps » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:06 am

I think sidemount/electric fan is a bad combo for heavy duty cooling, imo all he can do is thoroughly wash the rad, add some oolant additive, and try to find a lower temp t-stat. And like you said, drop a gear or 2 for good sized hills. Never had water injection so cant say how it would affect coolant temps.
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Re: recommendation for help in LA. or san dieago area

Postby Begle1 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:42 pm

Yeah, how high coolant temps is too high? If it was bouncing off the high temp limit around the top of the grade, that just means you made it. :)

I don't think water injection would have too big an impact on coolant temps, unless you are spraying it right onto the radiator. That'd probably work pretty good, evaporative cooling.

Best solution is probably a bigger or better or cleaner radiator.

Maybe they have an ATF to Coolant heat exchanger, and ATF is getting too hot.

Unfortunately I don't have anybody I can recommend to work on something like that down there.
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